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It has been a privilege, honor, and blessing to have a 33 year career as an Orthopedic Surgeon.  My retirement date is January 2, 2020.  If you were a patient of mine, thank you for placing your trust in me.  I hope all the best for you.  If you need a follow-up appointment, one will be arranged with another provider in the office.  If you are web browsing for a surgeon, I can with confidence recommend the docs in the SVMC Orthopedic Clinic.

Before I began Medical School in 1981, I sold my VW bug, bought a one way ticket to Chicago, had a place to stay for the night and enough savings for one semester.  That was quite an adventure for a 22 year old!

Now I am a 61 year old looking forward to a new adventure   I don't know exactly what that is,  but this I know:  I live life like a trapeze artist.  Let go of one swing before grabbing the next one.  There is a moment of free flight between swings.  It is scary and exciting every time!  This I also know:  My Creator has been faithful in the past and I trust He will be faithful again.

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